Creating/Managing Alert Notification

Step 1 : Creating/Managing Alert Notification

Here is the description of what you see in the Step1:

Your Alerts

This show you list of all alerts created by you. Those Disabled will have *Disabled* prefix other *Enabled* prefix if it is enabled. Only Enabled alerts will get you email/SMS notifications.



This lets you create new alert notification. Create as many as you want. But you’ve limit of how many you can enable in the FREE category.


This lets you edit your alert selection details


This will delete your alert permanently from our website


Use Disable to stop/unsubscribe notifications of alerts. If you enable "All Jobs" then all other job alerts will be disabled automatically

Also Note

  • You can Enable only 2 alerts in FREE category
  • Only Enabled alerts will get you email notifications
  • Disable/Delete the alert to unsubscribe
  • If you enabled "All Jobs" alert then you can’t enable other alerts. Then you’ll get maximum of 1 email daily when new jobs are added(it’ll result in too many emails)
  • Edit will load the saved values
  • During navigation, to save settings in the new/existing alert don’t forget to press the Next button. Next button saves the selection temporarily but not the Prev button.
Step 1 : Creating/Managing Alert Notification